Do you have a clear target?

Do you have a clear target?


Do you have a clear target?

It is here! 2023 Has arrived! What about you. Are you still in 2022 mode of wait and see or have you stepped in to new me 23?

There has been a major shift in attitude from the gloom and doom of the news media, the fear mongers and the wait and see mentality!

Are you tried of waiting around and ready to get back on to designing the life you want so badly? You are not alone! It is time to take back the control of your life, your decisions, and your beliefs about what your life should be.

Now no one could blame you for getting caught in a rut. Afterall, we have been bombarded with one thing after another the past couple years! Good thing the murder hornets with monkey pox didn’t get us! The truth is if you are listening today, you made it! Wow that is amazing! You are still standing and that means what?  That every day is a new opportunity to create and live the life you deserve. This is not a dress rehearsal rather you one shot at your one life….LIVE IT!

Seriously though who controls how you feel, the decisions you make and the direction you go? You do, yes you are in control. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it but that is the truth.  Meaning that you assign gives something the reality that you feel.

So now that we have set the stage let us delve into the reason for today’s show!

Having a clear target! This is part of our 5-part series for the month of January “New Year, New You”

Last week we got the ball rolling by deciding that it is time to take control of your life and we briefly discussed the four steps to get the goals you so desire!

Now let us take a deeper dive into step one of having a clear target. This simply means to hit a goal you need to know what it looks like, right?  You can’t say I wanna make more and expect to become a millionaire. I wanna make more money could be a dollar.  When you say I will make $1,000,000.00 this year, now you have a target.

You can’t hit what you can’t see, and you certainly can know if you hit it of you can not clearly define exactly what that target is. This is why you have to have clarity and precision as to what you want.

Knowing what you want is only the first step. Let’s face it this is not the Secret book of years ago that taught you to sit and manifest and it will show up. Now that Secret book was spot on for step 1 of clearly defining your target and focusing on it. In all fairness I am not picking on the Secret rather commending Rhonda on a stellar training in visualization. The truth is that you must visualize, quantify and define exactly what you want to have a clear target!

The thing that amazes me is how many people walk around with impotent goals because they are trying to be realistic. Realistic? What do you think of the amazing electric light bulb we all have? If it wasn’t for Edison’s unrealistic concept, we would all be reading by candlelight still!  He was criticized for being outrageous with his goals! There are countless examples of this and will be countless more!

So here is the truth about outrageous goals….. Are you ready for this take?

  • Outrageous goals are usually a hell of a lot more exciting!
  • Outrageous goals make you stretch your imagination, confidence, and excitement!
  • Would it be better to get really close to an outrageous goal than supersede an impotent one?

Let me give you an example; What if you are making $2,000 per month right now, that is $24000 per year, right?  Let’s say you set an outrageous goal of $250,000 this coming year, 10X what you are doing now!  Crazy right? Who does this? Stick with me here.  So, let’s say you talk to Mom and she says you should be more realistic and set a goal of $30,000 instead because if you work harder you should be able to hit that.  Your hopes go down and you say, “yeah that’s more like it.”

Boom, one year from now you made $31,000 and Mom says “see you did it, that’s why you don’t set your sights too high”. So you may say that was a win and you surpassed your goal, woohoo! BUT wait there is more….. Your Mom is smarter than you think, and she had the same conversation with your sister. The difference was she told your sister dream big, nothing can stop you if you are committed, follow a plan, and take action.  So, you sister goes full out and misses her goal of 10x $250,000 and “fails” by only making $200,000 a $50,000 miss on her goal.

You want to immediately say see that is why you keep it realistic, set your sights low, blah blah blah.

Which one of you made $200,000 and which one made $30,000?

Please tell me why you think YOU won?

Ouch, truth is coming out here now!

Your Mom was much smarter than you thought and comes to you and says that was a lesson she wanted to teach you that playing small, holding back and being realistic rarely leads to massive success!

So, the lesson here is not to set “stupid” goals rather set goals that are massively compelling, do have the possibility of achievement BUT are not easy rather extremely rewarding even if you get close!

For example, a goal of surviving a jump off a 30-story building because you are wearing new tennis shoes is ridiculous but a goal of jumping out of a plane with a fully function parachute from 15,000 feet certainly would be a bigger goal and one that generally ends well!

Circling back to today’s lesson, clarity is the most important first step in a goal to fully understand what your target is. 

There is more to the process to which you will have to tune in next week or of you are an extra over achiever, which I know you are you can dive in to the whole process in my Goal Creation Workshop that will be live on Sunday January 15th at 2PM EST at and get it all in one afternoon in this very interactive workshop with me (Coach Lew).

I bet today has made you a little or hopefully very curious! Guys ad Gals this stuff works,

and I have the ways to teach it to you so you can use it to have your best life possible.  One of my gauges to success is how much success you can get from what I teach, in simple words when you win, I win too! I love that!

-Coach Lew

Live With Faith, Love, Energy, Passion And Always Live YOUR Dream!

See you for the workshop, Yes?

My friends this is not always going to be an easy journey but I can’t stress enough that you get one life, this is not a rehearsal for the next go round!  Live you life today like it matters because it does and it is the only one you get! 

With that all said make sure to watch the video, take action today, get some coaching and step up to the life you desire and deserve!

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 

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