Time For Change Is Now!

Time For Change Is Now!

Change or Transformation?


So, let me ask you a question. What is your vision for your life? Hmm, good question, right? Well, let us face it. Today’s the day. We have spent a month talking about change, and we have done a lot of talking about change. You have taken advantage of some of the little homework assignments I’ve given you, and we’ve started to set the framework for change, right? But let me ask you a question. Has anything really changed in the last month? And you might say, heck yes, coach, I got some new distinctions. Um, you know, Lew, what you said, this, it, it resonated with me. 

I started doing this and this is already happening. And that is awesome. Kudos. If that is the case, if stuff is happening, go ahead and send me some in the chat’s guys, no matter where we are watching I have the chats on and If you are on Facebook, it is on my personal page.

I cannot monitor all the chats of our other pages. If you are on our website, of course our webchat is enabled, which is awesome. That is where I really want you to be. And, uh, if you are on YouTube, you can chat as well. But tell me where are you at? What, what level of change have you achieved just in the month that we have been talking about change? And I set it up this way. We have mostly talked about the change steps, the change components, uh, the need for a change. I mean, it is obvious all the way around you. And I am not talking about changing the currency, changing the society change. No, no, none of that crap. I am talking about changing you. How you show up. Am I telling you to change your marriage? I do not know. But you have to change you first because the one thing you would take on to another marriage would be you.

  Okay? What about jobs? Maybe I, hey, you know, coach, you really inspired me. I need to change jobs. I really hate my job. Okay, well first we have to change you to see if you bring the new you to the job. You might not hate it, or you might find it is really not for you. And go, I am out of here. Okay? That is the thing that is really cool about this is a template for change. That works overall, no matter who you are, what age, what your last name is, where you live, what your income level is, uh, who you call, God, et cetera. This template for change is universal because it is not about getting you to leave your job. I do not know, maybe you need to leave your job, but maybe you need to put in your effort first.

  Maybe you need to appreciate first and change you before you can go to another job? Let us face it, if it is your attitude that is contributory to you hating your job, or if it is, it’s something within you that you just hate what you do and you will take that into another job. Same thing with relationships. So, let us, with that said, I know you have heard me say that a hundred times, but I want you to realize that the change of anything begins with you. Your attitude, your views, your motivation level, your perception, your willingness to put in the effort, which is where the real change happens. And you might say no, no, no, coach, there are a lot of changes going on that I do not agree with, or there is a lot of changes out there happening in this world. You know, we, we are, we are so uncertain, we do not know what is going to change next.

Well, no matter what changes next, the thing that is going to happen is whatever meaning you give that change, whatever you do with it, is what’s going to matter. Cuz there, I would it be sensible for me to say to you that, Hey, nothing ever changes. Um, unless you control it, you control everything. No, there are changes you cannot control, but what they mean to you or what you do with them, you can control. Make sense? Can we high five shake hands on that one? That, that is a given. All right, we are going to review the month really quick so we can land right here, right now. Input this change to work for you. Okay? So, our review, first week out, we talked about Joe Blow and Donnie do it. Okay? You do not know Joe Blow. Joe Blow came into this world and felt average and got by and, you know, wanting to do better, wanted some cool things, but that was for other people.

And I am going to wait until the economy changes. Joe was always, I got an innovative idea, but I, you know, I got to do, uh, you know, yeah. You know, I will, I will get to it. Okay? The problem with Joe Blow is one day he found himself on his deathbed going on. I wish I had, but you know, the economy was never good enough, this, that, and the other. And Joe closes his eyes never to take another breath with regrets. Now Donnie Doit. He was crazy, boy. He was a kid, you know, with the cast when he was a kid with the broken arm and, and, you know, um, always the crazy ideas and did silly things and had the craziest Science Fair Pro project. And, but do you know what? Once in a while he won. Sometimes he was ridiculed for it. Oh my God, that you, you are, you are just off the charts, Donny. Tone it down, Donnie. Come on Donnie. That is for other people. You do not have the education, Donnie and Donnie’s like you. I do not care. This is what I want. I am going for it. And the thing was, Donnie did it. Donnie broke his arm. Donnie failed in business at an early age. Donnie failed in the marriage at an early age. But, you know, Donnie ended up getting married and having kids and, and having a home. And oh my God, 2008 came along and Donnie lost the home and then he started over and did it again. Joe Blow played it safe and never owned a home. Did not really, you know, get married because, you know, you could get divorced and you know, they be out to take half of it. You know, you have all heard that, that comment and his attitudes and, you know, I want have kids someday, but it’s not the right time. Well, Joe Blow died alone. Donnie, when he hit his last days, everybody was there going, oh man, we are going to miss you. And he is like, whew, what a ride this has been. What a life. And they are like, yeah man, we know, daddy, you were awesome granddad. You were awesome. Um, you know, and, and it is painful when they have to say goodbye. But Donnie goes with his last breath. My God, what a life I was blessed to have.

  Who wins Mr. play-it-safe, Mr. wait and see or Mr. Doit who jumped into it and did it. Okay? And that is what I am encouraging you to do. You got to start doing the doing of change. We can talk about it. We can complain about it, you know, and, and right now, let us face it, there is a lot of complaining. You know, try to not get really political here, but you know, a lot of us are complaining about the mess and the continual spiral of a mess we are in financially and economically and everything else. What are we doing about it? Okay? And people are like, we need to revolt rocks and bottles. And no, it is not how you, you win this battle in this day and age, you win this battle financially if you don’t want to support certain things or you don’t, or you change isn’t what you want.

   You do not spend with that. You do not put your money into something that does not support your morals, your beliefs. And sometimes it means we do not have things as easy because, you know, some companies want to deal with, well, they are easy. Well, they are easy, but you are, you are feeding your enemy if you believe against what they stand for. So, take a stand in this world, you have got to start doing it. Okay? So that is just my little political rant because I know a lot of people are not happy right now, but they are doing a lot of talking, but not taking any action. Well, that is like anything in life. Well, you know, I work for this company and, and we all think it should be done this way and we all, you know, and, and this manager just is so hardheaded and does it his way, and he’s costing the company thousands and we can’t get the, the, well then what are you doing about that? I would start with pulling the manager aside, not trying to go and, you know, you know, throw the, the carpet out from under the guy or gal, but say, Hey, we as a team think that this would be, you know, better. And there might be a reason. Sometimes there is a reason you do not know why things do not work the way you want. We, we all go, well, we wish we could go to the grocery store and buy a lotto ticket today, and it would be the winning ticket. And that would be the, the, the opportune situation. That would be the greatest change in the world, right? Well, it would help, I had put that right into the business in helping and growing and doing stuff. But that is not, it’s not realistic. Okay? So, think of it this way, all right? So, Joe Blow, Donnie do it. You get the difference. Joe was “gonna” get around when the very time comes, Donnie dove in and went forward.

I am not saying dive in blindly and make stupid errors, but I’m saying if you’re really living and you’re really doing anything to its fullest potential, you’re going to have mistakes. If you are the best, uh, spouse you can be, there’s times you are going to screw up because you have passion for your relationship. You are going to have an argument once in a while. You’re going to disagree; you’re going to aggravate each other over something. It’s going to happen if you just kind of don’t voice your opinion and just kind of, you know, flail through it. You might not have any arguments or any difficulties, but your relationship is flat, it’s going to go away or it’s just going to sit there like in rot. Same thing with your business. Well, you know, it’s, uh, the economy the way it is. I cannot expand. What if, what if you do, what if you do not?

                        What if you do not? I was listening to McConaughey. He has been putting out a lot of cool stuff lately, I’ve never been a huge fan of his, but, uh, as an actor, but I like him as a speaker. He said, I am more afraid of what I would miss out on than failing. And that one resonated with me. I was like, yes, you know, that’s kind of me. I would, I would much rather fail big than turn around and go, oh, I missed out on that. Oh yes, I hope you know? Yes, you are going to be scared. You are going to be nervous about stuff, okay? You are going action is you scary, you know, trying something new. You are going out on the edge. But none, none of the, the people in history that have made a difference in their lives, in the lives of others were people that sat back played it totally safe.

 I am not saying be reckless and stupid, but I am saying get out there, get moving, take action. That is the lesson from week one, okay? The lesson from week two was to create your own rock bottom. Okay? We have all known people that have been addicted, alcoholics, uh, broke this, that the other and come back from it. What was their defining moment? Rock bottom. There was nowhere else to go but up in Les Brown’s words, if you fall, fall on your back, because if you can see up, you can get up. And I am like, well, sometimes physically, if you fall off like a two-story building on your back, you may not be able to get up. But, you know, who, who am I to nitpick something that has, you know, motivation and gets people moving, right? And, but I was like, all right. I, I get your analogy there, Les.

 But really, honestly, if you ever talk to somebody who has been to the dredges of hell and back and been successful, they will tell you they’re rock-bottom moment. What was it? When did they hit that point where they said, no fricking more. I am not doing this shit anymore. I cannot, I won’t, and I must take a stand. And do you know what? They are not usually in the best part of their life when they hit that rock bottom to where they can go, okay, I am going to write a check for this. I am going to, usually they are dead broke too, because rock bottom on drugs, alcohol, you know, and laziness et cetera, usually does not promote great financial abundance. Okay? So, but you, my point to that is, your rock bottom hit your rock bottom right here, right now. And you might go, I am not a rock bottom. I, I got a home and kids and a family, and you know, we are doing fairly good, but you know, not really what I want right now.

And we are not, I want to open a business. I do not want to stay in this job. I hate going to, I, you know, halfway through Sunday, I am already, you know, getting stressed out because I have to go to work tomorrow. You know? Okay, well here is the deal. Create your own rock bottom. That, that was what the, the following week was about. Creating your own rock bottom. What is that code word for standards? When you say this below this level right here, I will never tolerate it again. This is the minimum level for my life. Minimum level for my income, minimum level for my health, minimum passion for my relationship. And it is all up from here. There is your rock bottom. Okay? It does not have to be desolate, desperate on the dive verge of suicide to be rock bottom. When you create rock bottom, it is called standards. This is the level that I refuse to go below.

 It does not mean that that is the level you stay at, but when you create a standard, something amazing happens. It makes you take action, which is the backup to this. And it makes you change as a person who you are to have a standard. Have you ever seen people that are really successful at something you want to be successful at? And you go, wow, how do they do it? Well, what is their standard? I want to be a guitar player, but I only want to practice an hour a week. But this guy you are learning from or this guy who’s on stage or this gal who’s on stage, they’re jamming, they’ve practiced three hours a day. Well, that is their rock bottom standard. Your rock bottom standard is an hour a week. Who is the pro who is going to be jamming there? Who is going to be running, burning up those hot leads? And who is going to be going one, two, and three and four and one and two.

When you start, you are doing a lot of one and two and three and four. Okay? That’s okay, that’s where you’re starting. But if you put an hour a day in as opposed to an hour a week, think a year later, are you going to be doing one, two and three and four? Hey, look at me. Or are you going to be jamming it playing songs? You are going to be playing songs. So, your own rock bottom, which was the key factor there. Okay? So, I like that. I like this. Creating your own rock bottom is setting your minimum standard. Now growth comes in where you up the bar of standards, okay? Up the bar of standards and that is where your growth comes in. Ooh, hey, how cool is that? Yes. All right, I like that. Okay, so you all got the idea there. I do not think I need to drill that in anymore because I need to get onto it.

What we were going to teach today. So last week we talked about controlling change. You are like, come on Lew, look around you, you talk, you think I am in control of this? Okay? I am in control of the coffee I drank. Hmm, life boost, baby. I will put a link in the post on this one for you. Life boost is the most amazing coffee in the world, and I do not usually stand by something so strongly, but I do stand by life boost strongly. So, I will get you set up with where to get it. I am an affiliate, but it is not the reason that I endorse them. So, controlling change, okay, well, long story short, there are changes you can control. As of today, I will go to the gym and work out for one hour each day. As of today, I will practice guitar one hour a day. Uh, as of today, I will promise to write my wife a love note one time every day in the me in the morning to help her feel special and important.

                        Or if you are the wife, hey, I am going to put a little note in my husband’s lunch to every day to let them know how much I appreciate him. And you guys might be at each other’s throats barely even talking right now. But you do one little thing like that and that becomes a standard. Next thing you know, it’s like, wow, he’s so much more loving. She is so much more loving. What is up with this? Well, that one little note, that one little thing that you do for each other can start that minimum standard is to say, I love you once a day in more than just a love you, love you. I love you too. That is bull crap. I love you. Okay, love you see the difference, but you see where you can control, and you cannot control them. They might be in a bad spot right now and hating on you and you know, but what you can control is how you treat them and the standard that you have.

 And do you know what? It is contagious. And using that as an example. So, and you might go, okay, cool, but what about the changes? I cannot control, I cannot control what the idiot in Washington signs or what the, uh, you know, the local mayor puts into effect. That has an effect on my business that, you know, uh, this is major, you know, I cannot, I can’t, you know, control the fact that, you know, one of my guys backed into a Lamborghini with a truck and now we’re getting sued. I cannot just take control of that and say I’m refusing to believe it exists. It exists and I did not do it. So, it’s out of my control. Ah, there got you coach, huh? Yes, you are right. It is the activity itself for the situation was not within your control. What is within your control is how can you prevent some of these situations?

 How can you perceive and, and look ahead to see possible speed bumps? What else could happen economically that will have an impact on you? Well, that is being negative, coach, you know, and all that is going on, you know, they’re going to pull some BS this side or that side’s going to pull this. Of course, they are. It’s politics. It has always been that way. It is just amplified by media now, okay? But the reality is, okay, things are going to happen that you are not the one that was in control of what can you can control in that situation is your perception, the meaning. And you might go the meaning is this stupid mayor enacted this  new, you know, regulation and,  it is going to put us out of business. Okay, well, you know, you cannot just ignore that, can you? But what you could say is, how do we work within this and still continue our business? As a matter of fact, how could we grow our business?

Quick story for you. Covid 19, dun, dun, dun dun. Thursday night, I am on the auction block, we’re rocking and rolling. Nobody’s dead in the crowd. Nobody’s dying. You know, everybody is alive, everybody is doing great in our crowd. It must be auction people have a different immune system. I do not know, but you know, nobody, everything is fine. We have another auction Saturday night. Jen brings me a little note on the block that says, governor just passed a ordinance thing that, uh, no more than 10 people in a gathering effective at midnight. And I am like, well, we will be done by midnight tonight, but this does not do me a lot of good for Saturday. And I am like, you know now. So, I am doing my thing, I’m auctioning, I’m in control of the crowd, but back here I’m going, what do we do?

What do we do? I got Saturday. Oh my God, what is going to happen here? Okay, you know, ah, these people are controlling us. You know, that is my initial response even though I love our governor here, at that point, I was not too thrilled with him, even though he was better than 99% of the rest of them out there at that moment. His decision still had a major impact of change on my business. So, I’m like, so we boom, boom, boom. 48 hours go by and we are online doing it live, virtual baby. Thank you to Tony Robbins for back when I did Business Mastery reminding me to innovate and innovate quickly and be able to anticipate. And I did not really anticipate that one, but you know, we innovated so fast, we did not miss a beat. And all of a sudden, we found out it was better because we controlled our focus.

How can we use this to better the experience for our customers? How can we do better for our clients? How can we do better for our team? How can we do better for our community? And it was like wham, wham, wham, wham, wham asking the right question. How can we do better? How can we take this change? What does it really mean to us? And today, our business model is so much better for everybody. Win, win, win all the way around. There is nobody that loses. Our clients get paid faster. They actually get a little more money for the goods because people stay on longer. Our customers are safe and sound at home and comfortable in not having to take hours to go drive to us. There is more time for them to preview, there is more time for them to pick up. Our staff is not as stressed out.

We are not as stressed out. We sell more items, we have more display… Wham, we are in a better spot of growth. Now, sometimes when an external change smacks you, you go, oh my god, you know, health issue this. But some, usually when you get past one of those external changes you didn’t want and you take control of your perception and your actions with that change that was pushed on you, it’s generally one of the biggest growth factors in your life that brings you to where you are and who you are today to get that. This is my new standard. My new rock bottom is way up here where it used to be way down here.

Wow, that is pretty damn powerful, right? Okay, so today we are going to harness your transformation. We are going to stop using the word change so much because here is the real secret of why some people make massive changes while others stay in a cesspool of neutrality or go backwards. You see, change is automatic. Okay? If you take action, you get more of the change that you want. If you do not, outside factors will change it. You never really stay static. Either you are going forward, or you are going back. There is no staying in one place. You might ask for a brief breath or a brief second, but it is, it’s ever changing. Okay? So this is why we’re going to learn the science of transformation today. What is the difference between change and transformation? Change is automatic. If you do nothing outside, factors are going to change it. If you do nothing with your body, it is going to change for the worse.

If you transform and you tell using your body as an example, if you transform your body by exercising and eating better and getting proper rest and the whole ball of wax, you transform into something better rather than allowing change to flow. Okay? So, we are going to start shifting out of using the word change so much and talk about the art and science of transformation. Fair enough, right? All right, so number one, hope you got your pens out, pens and pencils. And this will be on the site as the replay and it will have the uh, the, you know, this all typed out for you. So, you will be able to see this and work with this. Number one, decide exactly what you want. Specific measure. You cannot say I want some more money. Here is a dollar, get out of here is the mindset. I want 1,000,001 by January one. Now you have got a goal to go after and I’d rather see you hit 900,000 on 1,000,001 gold than hit 100,000 out of a $99,000 goal and say I won because I superseded it.

                        But you got 99,000 instead of a million, which is better? Go big and  if you fall a little short of big, it’s better than going small and going a little bit over small. Okay? You know, we have had that discussion on the show many times. Number two, find your powerful why set a powerful reward or gift for completion. It is two sides here. Why am I doing this ultimately for my kids, ultimately for my health so I can see my grandkids someday grow up. Um, set a powerful reward. Gift yourself for completion. What am I going to do for myself when I hit this, this goal? Because actually transformation is getting you to a goal. You have got to have something to go. This made it worth it because it is a lot of fricking work. Okay, number three, make a massive action plan. Okay? So, map it, massive action plan map.

                        Pretty cool or GPS goal positioning. What is my word for that? Goal positioning. I forgot what I called that one. Oh, well you got the idea. Taking you to your goal, your outcome. Maybe, you don’t use the word goals. Maybe, you’re like, well I’m not one of those goalie guys. Okay, well maybe how about we just say outcome? All right, same thing. All right. Number four, take the first action or actions immediately when you get off the show today, go through, write this down, create it. Do not sit there and go, I will get to it next Monday. If you wait 24 hours to take action on something, you decide your chances go down by 80%. You take much longer than that. Your chances of doing it go down by about 98%. So do not let this be a fleeting thought today. Let it be a day of transformation.

All right, so number five, check in at regular intervals on that timeline, that map or GPS. Where are your check-ins? Where are you calling mom and dad to say, hey, I am okay. Um, or where are you calling your spouse to say, yep, I am uh, on the road trip from here to Chicago. I am in Alabama now; I am in Tennessee. Do your check-ins. Are you on time? Are you on track? If not, make adjustments. Okay? You might need to step it up a little. You might be ahead of the game. By all means, do not put on the brakes, keep going because there is going to be something that is going to a construction zone in that trip that’s going to slow you down. Okay? And then six, make sure you are journaling or recording your journey. Life worth living is worth recording. And do you know what’s really cool? This becomes a recipe for success for the next project.

The next thing that you want to transform, forget to change. Let us talk about transformation, baby. Yeah, I like it. Right? Number seven, remember, it is not the goal as much as who you become and what you learn along the way, okay? In the covid story I shared with you earlier, you know, it wasn’t the goal of, I mean I want to do this much each week in sales. That came as part of, wow, we innovated our business, we serve our clients better, we serve our customers better. We, we have our staff, our team is, you know, enjoying it more. They still hustle ass and bust their butts. It is still a very go, go, go. We have a deadline. We, we basically build a business and tear it down every single week in that, that business inside of ours. Okay? That is a lot of work guys.

 If you have ever set up a business like a big shop or store type of business, not just a little office, uh, dude, I’ll tell you that’s crazy, crazy lot of work. But you know, the, the neat thing is what happens during this is this sense of accomplishment, but again, it made it easier and more productive. It wasn’t about having “x” amount of sales in a week, it was about streamlining this so it works better. And then, the byproduct of that is our gross revenues went up. Now, unfortunately, and this is a political gripe, diesel fuel, insurances, this labor that everything skyrocketed. So thank God, in a sense we had to make the shift because I’m not sure what the status of the company would be in comparison if we hadn’t have upgraded what we were doing before every everybody else, the fuel and the government and everybody else decided to give themselves a raise, okay?

                        And the insurance companies and everything else. And I get it, we were having a discussion the other night with friends about the drug companies. You know, everybody is like all these drugs are so expensive, and our friend is like, well I used to work in that industry and what about the millions of dollars we spend on trials and then that drug cannot be brought to market. That all gets rolled into that. It is a business because you spend five million on one thing that does not pan out at all. You got to make that five million up on top of the 5 million that you invest in the other one that actually does take off and you’re 10 million in the hole before you even make a dollar. And then you go, well no wonder the stuff is so expensive. Makes sense, you know, you, everybody thinks the big company just operates.

                        You know, they just got handed a lotto ticket and started and you know, no, no. Sometimes the bigger the company, the bigger the hits they take creating to bring something to market for you. Now, greed does play into some of these situations and that, yeah, of course that’s always going to play somewhere in some cases, but it was a eye-opener for me. I was like, wow, how cool is that? Thank you for opening my eyes to that because you know, all as we see is, oh my God, it costs how much for a prescription or a shot or an emergency treatment, but you do not know what it costs to just even bring that availability of a treatment in. So next time you on a gripe about something, think about it. You know, you ugh, these fuel companies and they, they charge so much more for the fuel, but that is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Okay? The cost of fuel goes up, the cost of transportation of the fuel goes up and the cost of fuel goes up to cover the cost of transportation for the fuel going up. And then you go, well, these truckers are overcharging them, then the truckers are paying more for fuel. Are they supposed to absorb that out of their paychecks, where does this stop? Where it stops is by transforming the leadership to go, hold on a minute here. Something is wrong. We are spiraling in the wrong direction. Whether this is a country or a company. When that starts to happen, we are you are playing catch all the time or with your body or with anything else, something’s got to transform to where you’re ahead of the game. Okay? So, you, these are notable examples. The world going on around you is a great example for how you to pattern how to be in some ways and how not to be in other ways.

Always dig in. So, remember, it is not the goal, but it’s who you become and what you learn along the way that makes the real difference. Now, I’m not saying, you know, your goals aren’t important, and you know, income isn’t important. Absolutely it is. Absolutely your goals are important, but if you hit a goal, have you ever, let me ask you this, let me rephrase that. Have you ever hit a goal and gone? Is that all there is? Okay, yes, we hit the goal. That means you were unfulfilled. Have you ever gotten really close to a goal and gone, oh my God, this was the, the coolest journey and it, it made us all bond so much more and look what we learned and this whole wonderful thing came out of this. Uh, it fell a little short of the number goal, but holy crap, this changed everything or transformed everything better yet and, you know, which is the real win.

                        Hmm. Think about it number eight, when you hit it. And as you do little milestones through it, celebrate like a mad man, a man woman. Yeah. Put your hands up, clap them, dance, scream, yell, jam some music. Go for a ride. Go for a run. You know, have a get-together with your friends and celebrate. Let  me tell you something, celebratory celebration is the icing on the cake is the glue that puts it all together because you really acknowledge the transformation you have made. Acknowledging yourself, acknowledging the people around you, acknowledging the growth, acknowledging your creator for giving you the opportunities. I thank God every day for the opportunities, even on a shitty day. There is some opportunity in there that, that your, your god, your creator, however you term that handed you and gave you an opportunity. Did you take it and run with it, or did you look at it and go, oh, I cannot manage this, none of this, I cannot manage this stuff. Nothing that comes in front of you to be dealt with is something you cannot manage. If you have a standard and you transform to not only meet the challenge, but to conquer the challenge. And it does not mean you win at everything and, and you just kind of snowboard through it. If you ever see a snowboarder and they are like scut and oh, and it looks like, oh my God, I wish I could do it. Oh, that has to be so cool, but that snowboarder falls more times than not even a pro falls when you see that one perfect video and perfect jump and they’re like, ooh, flying through the air and they land perfectly and they’re posing. Uh, that is not all the time. There are a lot of bumps and bruises in this, my friends a lot. But it is worth it. Don’t be a Joe Blow, be a Donny Doit, okay? However you want to term your name. You might put some girl names in there that rhyme somehow on that if you are a girl. So, it is not, that’s not being sexist, but seriously, that is something you, your life is to be devoured and eaten up and transformed and, and suck every bit of knowledge and joy that you can out of it and bring it to your heart, okay? Do not live a life of mediocrity. That is what breakthrough with Lou is all about is breaking through. It is not about breaking boards, breaking walls, it is about breaking through mediocrity, okay? Some people say, well, Lou, you, you are breaking through challenges. You help me through this, and you help me get, but bigger than the big challenges when they come along. Health, physical mind, body, business, relationship. The big challenge is, yes, we’re going to kick that butt. But more often than not, your biggest trap is mediocrity being stuck in the same old, same old, and going, it’s okay.

It is good? Good is not good enough. Excellent, outstanding. That is the life that you are designed to live. If you are on the show, you are not average or good or kind of getting by, you might be right now, but that’s not in your heart and soul. That is not who you are. You do not get on the show, you do not get me 30, 40 minutes of your time on a Monday morning to go, well, let me have an average week. Dude. <laugh>, come on. I do not think so. All right. So, my question for you is, are you ready to commit to change today? And not just commit to it? Are you ready to take the steps, the seven steps to transformation to make this happen, to make this life a reality? It does not mean you make the decision, it all changes overnight. It all changes in a heartbeat. Then, you make a true decision and decision in the Latin route means it cut off from you are cutting off from any other possibility but your success. But to do that, you have to take action, you must make the decision. You have to do the seven steps, okay? So, are you ready to take your life to the next level and really do this for real? Are you? Let us see it. Share this, share this video, share this podcast wherever you are seeing this, hearing this, share this team up with your team and go change yourself , your community and the World!

Here are your seven steps to review!

Change is automatic, if you take action, you get more of the change you want, if you do not outside factors will change you!

This is where we learn the art and science of transformation!


The seven steps if transformation:



  • Decide exactly what you want! Specific measure
  • Find your powerful Y! Set a powerful reward (gift) for completion!
  • Make an action plan. MAP or GPS
  • Take the first Action(s) immediately.
  • Check in at regular intervals and adjust as necessary!
  • Journal or record your journey. A life worth living is worth recording AND this becomes your recipe for success!
  • Remember it is not the goal as much as who you become and learn along the way!
  • Celebrate like a madman or mad woman, you deserve this!


My friends this is not always going to be an easy journey but I can’t stress enough that you get one life, this is not a rehearsal for the next go round!  Live you life today like it matters because it does and it is the only one you get! 

With that all said make sure to watch the video, take action today, get some coaching and step up to the life you desire and deserve!

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 

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