Is your GPS on?


Where is your GPS taking you you?

Hi guys Coach Lew again!

My question for you today, is your GPS set?

What does this mean coach?

Are we going on a trip?

Yes! A trip called your life!

Before we talk about this let’s review the past few weeks:

At the end of December we spoke about a rolling start, this referred to not waiting until a certain time to get going and taking action.

In the first week of January, we talked about goal creation versus the old resolutions. Goal creation being a complete way to set take action and achieve your goals. This is in contrast to resolutions which are a set and forget type of planning that rarely ever works.

The second week of January we talked about understanding a clear target. As we discussed you can’t hit what you can’t see, correct?

Week three was all about the power of why. This is where we discovered that the power of why we do something will drive us much further than simply pushing through Without a purpose.

Week 4, I snuck in red light green light because I was sick with a cold and frankly was not 100% to deliver the best show to you. Rather than not serving you with a show it came to me to do the show on red light green light to shed the light on the fact that there’s a third light, which is the yellow light which is a warning that a red light could be coming. This teaches us to anticipate stopping blocks in life.

Now we are talking about your GPS(Guidance Proven System)  or MAP (Massive Action Plan ) where you are combining the power of why, the clarity of a clear target and how to design the action steps that our necessary to succeed

There are three keys. These three keys are:

  • You must know where you currently are.
  • Know where you are going.
  • Set a specific timeline of actions to get there!

Remember along the way “The Who” can be just as important as the “what”.

This means getting coaching, mentoring or service from somebody who can help you  to achieve your outcome quicker.

I love tech, but also love being able to draw and sketch as this helps me envision the planning process.

This is why I use Key2Success planner with my OneNote so I can have the best of both worlds of digital planning and manual planning all in one place and on multiple devices at once.

 I will leave the link for the Key2Success planner below so that you two can also experience this amazing planner, please do use my links as I am an affiliate and will receive a small commission if you order through my link. I appreciate this because it helps us keep the show going!

Live with faith energy passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew

One more thing, (I know you were rolling your eyes right now), as there is always one more thing!

On February 23rd we are doing a groundbreaking live guest event. Goal creation and the number one secret no one tells you live with coach Lew. This workshop is free to attend and is life changing!

Make sure to get signed up right away!

Signing off for real this time, your Results Coach!


My friends this is not always going to be an easy journey but I can’t stress enough that you get one life, this is not a rehearsal for the next go round!  Live you life today like it matters because it does and it is the only one you get! 

With that all said make sure to watch the video, take action today, get some coaching and step up to the life you desire and deserve!

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 

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