Red Light Green Light

Red Light, Green Light What is it all about?

Red light, green light, but what about yellow?

We all love green lights in life. This is the point where you are able to go forward fast and efficient. This is the times when you feel unstoppable and you can cruise through anything! 
Red lights are the stop signs in life, the warnings and the things you need to pay attention too.  Generally we don’t like red lights as they seem to hold us back!
What about yellow lights?  These are the warning lights that tell you that there is a time to pay attention.
Green light is go and too many times we see the yellow light as a go faster to beat the red light.  The challenge here is sooner or later you will not beat the red light and you will crash.  As a metaphor for life the yellow light is a warning you need to take a break, re-adjust a habit or forsee a challenge (red light) that may be eminent.

The lesson here is to use the yellow light as a sign to rest, adjust or take note of a danger before it becomes a red light!

One of the biggest areas of life that this concept becomes important is your health!  Avoid the red lights in your health today by taking HEALS The Course.  HEALS is our flagship 30 day video based health coaching course with Coach Lew! HEALS is an acronym for Healthy Eating And Lifestyle Simplified, the key being simplified which is your Green Light!  Click here to check it out!

My friends this is not always going to be an easy journey but I can’t stress enough that you get one life, this is not a rehearsal for the next go round!  Live you life today like it matters because it does and it is the only one you get! 

With that all said make sure to watch the video, take action today, get some coaching and step up to the life you desire and deserve!

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 

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