The Magic MAP

The Magi MAP or GPS

What if you had a magic MAP that took you anywhere you asked it to?

Welcome back my friends!

Lesson Title: Navigating Your Path: Creating Your Personal GPS

Objective: By the end of this lesson, you will understand the importance of creating a detailed plan to reach their goals and will learn how to develop your own personalized “MAP” or GPS to guide them on their journey.

Introduction: Imagine if you had a magic map that could take you anywhere you desired and grant you all your wishes. Well, that’s what we’re bringing to you this morning – the concept of creating your own MAP (or GPS) to guide you towards your goals and dreams. But remember, there’s a catch – you have to use it and do the work!

Engagement: Let’s start by considering a cross-country motorcycle ride. You have a destination in mind, but to reach it, you need a map or GPS to guide you through the twists and turns, the highways and backroads. Similarly, in life, having a plan is essential for reaching your desired destination.

Activity 1: Creating Your MAP or GPS Today, we’re going to craft our own personal MAP or GPS for achieving our goals. But first, let’s understand the similarities and differences between the two:

  • A MAP provides a visual representation of your journey, much like a traditional roadmap. A more self directed approach.
  • A GPS, on the other hand, not only shows you the route but also guides you step-by-step, recalculating as needed to keep you on track. For example getting a coach or buying a course to direct you from someone who has already achieved what you want!

Activity 2: Three Reasons Why It Works Now, let’s delve into why this approach is effective:

  1. You Know Your Target: By clearly defining your goals, you have a specific target to aim for.
  2. You Know Your Starting Point: Understanding where you currently stand provides the necessary context for planning your journey.
  3. You Have a Detailed, Measurable, and Scheduled Plan: Breaking down your goals into actionable steps with clear deadlines ensures progress and accountability.

Discussion: Why does this approach work? Think about the difference between specific, focused action and vague, random efforts. How does having a plan enhance your chances of success? A clear target gets hit way more often than a fuzzy one!

Conclusion: In conclusion, creating your own MAP or GPS is crucial for navigating the path towards your goals. Remember, specificity and action are key ingredients for success. So, let’s get started on crafting our personalized plans and embark on the journey towards our dreams!

Homework: Reflect on your goals and begin drafting your own MAP or GPS. Come prepared next time to share your progress and any insights gained from the process.

Next Steps: Join me again next time as we explore how to stay motivated and committed to following through on our plans. Until then, happy mapping!

With that all said make sure to watch the video, take action today, get some coaching and step up to the life you desire and deserve!

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 

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