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Yes You Can Have It All!

What if……You had the keys to having it all?

Welcome back my friends!

On Monday we discovered why most people don’t actually achieve what they really want!

Surprisingly enough it was not that they were lazy or unmotivated rather they simply lacked the belief that it was possible for them to really have it!

We found fear is a huge factor in the lack of belief!

Remember the old saying that Henry Ford had?

He said “If you believe you can, you are right and if you believe you can’t, you are right!”

This means when you do not believe you will not have a chance! When you do believe it is still not a guarantee but you surely will get way further and often times exceed what you believed in the first place!


How do I create that belief and certainty within myself Coach?

So glad you asked!

I have seven tools that will get you there!


  1. Find your worthy. Deep down know that you are worthy of success. It is not something just for other people or those “lucky” enough to find it.
  2. Eliminate the old limiting beliefs. Eradicate beliefs that don’t serve you, for example I am too old or I am too young.
  3. Remember times when you succeeded and put that to work for you like a recipe for future successes. Dissect the processes and emotions that got you to that success!
  4. Determine what it would take to be that kind of person. This you can do easily by modeling. If you know someone who is enjoying the success you want, learn what they did and who they became in the process. Instead of saying I am just not that kind of person, reframe that to I am becoming more of that kind of person with every step I take!
  5. Resolve to take the actions daily. I cannot stress this enough. We have hammered this to death but it is so true. Action baby! You must take massive and calculated action to actually get there!
  6. Install anchors for the times when confidence waivers. Anchors are physiological response triggers to put you in an emotional state!
  7. Create an identity that is unstoppable. Who are you when you are at your best. Which archetype serves you best. For example do you need to access the warrior, the lover, the magician and so forth!


This is excited stuff my friends and yes life changing!




Friday we are going to spring in to your plan for spring!

With that all said make sure to watch the video, take action today, get some coaching and step up to the life you desire and deserve!

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 

Founder XLR8Life University and

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