Change VS Transformation

Time for transformation is...Now!

Change or transformation…Which is what you want?

Welcome back my friends!

Have you ever felt it was time for a change but change didn’t feel like enough?

We have all experienced that moment where you realize that change alone is not enough! What is then?  How about transformation?

You probably thinks those at the same right?  Similar yes very different levels and outcomes however!


Today we are going to discover what those differences are!


Are you ready for this life changing or should I say Life transforming day?


The difference between change and transformation

Differences are:

  1. Change automatic vs transformation is actively created and calculated action taken.


  1. Change can be wanted or not vs transformation is a decision based on exactly what you want.


  1. Change can happen with no action vs transformation requires calculated massive action. Change that occurs automatically is rarely the change we really want!


When certain actions and components are present is when you will get the transformation!


There are 8 steps to transformation:


  1. Set a clear picture for what you want
  2. Tap your Y
  3. Decide there is no other option
  4. MAP it
  5. Take massive daily, weekly  and monthly actions
  6. Measure to make sure you are on course
  7. Set a standard for what you want and also will no longer tolerate
  8. Celebrate your transformation


In the video we discussed these a little more in depth!

Now it is time to take action…When??? How about now!

My friends this is not always going to be an easy journey but I can’t stress enough that you get one life, this is not a rehearsal for the next go round!  Live you life today like it matters because it does and it is the only one you get! 

With that all said make sure to watch the video, take action today, get some coaching and step up to the life you desire and deserve!

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 

Founder XLR8Life University and

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