Vision and decision!

Clear Vision

What if you had a magic pair of glasses that only showed you the things you needed to succeed at something?

What if these glasses filtered out all the distraction and just showed you the path to what you wanted?

How much different would your world look?

How much faster would you succeed every day?

Where can you buy these glasses? 

You can’t buy them because they are already free!

The truth is that focus is what will give you the same effect and the “magic glasses”!

The question is how do you get a clear vision and how do we focus in such a busy world? With all the noise and distraction around us how do we actually do this?

There are three keys to learn to find your vision and focus on it.

  1. When the idea hits you write it down immediately.  This needs to be specific and include and details that makes it exciting and believable.
  2. Clarify this idea by seeking specifics like why this ideas is compelling to you, how it would change things and what the outcome specifically looks like.
  3. Immediately take some actions on creating your plan and taking the first steps.

Not all ideas are life changing. They may simply be something that makes life easier, more fun, helps someone else or just be a fun way of entertainment.

Sometimes we are just searching for the earth shattering idea when the truth is the small ones make a difference too!

Like I mentioned last time I love using my Key2Success planner to capture the idea immediate, make it more lively by adding text, pictures, video and even voice notes. Then crating a project to attain it!

Key2Sucess planner is my choice because it combines the best of the pen and paper feel with all the other digital planning tools that works across all your devices….Literally like a second hard drive or note book for your brain!

Now you can use whatever planning or calendar system you like but by all means use it!  The most important step is the capture! You cannot do much with an idea that is lost!

Our next lesson is decision! 

This is where we get you to take the actions to get you there by deciding and committing!

 Decide and commit

Have you ever had the burning feeling that you need to do something but simply fail to start or procrastinate?

Have you ever had a decision to make and you put it off until one day you hit a threshold and said no more, this sh.., changes here and now and made the decision in seconds flat that you have been trying to decide on forever?  You are not alone! Most people go through life doing this and only making decisions when their backs are against the wall.

Do you think this is the best way to make a decision?  I would think not!

I used to do this all the time when I was younger and used the BS excuse that I work best under pressure! Now when it is true diamonds are made from pressure, they truly become valuable when they are strategically cut and polished perfectly!

Using the metaphor of a diamond in the rough versus a fine cut gem.

What if you had an opportunity to rehearse to be in a band that you have loved but you waited till the night before to learn their songs?  Contrast that with learning their songs for years and then the opportunity arises and you play their songs almost as good as they do. Which of the above is going to get you to be able to play with them?

What is one thing you can think of right now that you want? What is a decision that you have been putting off that is stopping you from getting started?

What is the truth about why you have not made that decision?

Is your answer a BS excuse like “I am too(xyz)” or did you get a real answer like “fear has been holding me back”?

When you get real with yourself then you can work towards making that decision.

How many times have you heard a hero, celebrity or any successful person say “that one decision changed my life”?

On the flip side how many times have you heard from someone in prison, ill from a lifestyle disease or in other bad situation say if only I had made a decision to (good decision ) or had not made the decision to (bad decision) I would not be facing (penalty for bad decision)!

What is worse than a bad decision? No decision!

Let me explain with an example:

Joe, Josie and Jeff all have an opportunity to invest in Apple stock.

Joe goes all in and buys every share he can afford because he really believes it is going to explode.

Josie is very conservative with investments and she buys just a few and she waited a little long to “see” and then prices went up.

Jeff knows Apple is going to rock but he isn’t going to decide until he sees some growth and he is going to hold off for a bit.

Joe is a millionaire! Boom, he hit it right by making an educated but very rapid decision. He made an excellent decision!

Josie has a little profit and now wishes she had decided sooner because even with the same investment she would have been further ahead. Josie didn’t make a bad decision she had a learning experience!

Then there is Jeff. Oh Jeff he says if I had only taken the chance or made a decision I too would be a millionaire!  The challenge is most of the “Jeff’s” of the world will continue to repeat the same pattern over and over, unless the pain from the miss out is so great he next time learns to take action.

Could Joe have lost his butt on an investment, simple answer is yes. Could Josie have lost a little, same as Joe of course she could.

The one thing we know for sure is there was no chance for Jeff to have succeeded because he did not try!

Now this Jeff character as well as Joe and Jose are fictional for example so don’t be upset with me if your name is Jeff!

The whole point here is nothing happens until you make the decision and take action!

If you view anything in life as either you have a success or you learn, you will never fail in life. The only time you fail is if you don’t decide and try or you decide, try and don’t get your outcome and do not learn from it!

Next week we are going to delve in to learning about how failing to plan is planning to fail!

Before I leave you today I have a special treat for you and that is the 5 Steps To Making A Decision:

  1. Define clearly what you want
  2. Define your strong Y
  3. List all the pros and cons. Weigh and mitigate!
  4. Decide whether you are willing to put in the work and what you are willing to say no to or let go of
  5. Count it back using the 5 second rule, make the decision and take an immediate action to set it in stone.

Use that 5 Second Rule! 

Want to learn more about the 5 Second Rule you can order the book by Mel Robbins on Amazon for Kindle or Audible for audio. My suggestion is do both. The read it and then to hear it or visa-versa seems to 5X the memory retention! Get it here!

Please use my Amazon link as I am an affiliate and do receive a small commission when you do and that helps support the Breakthrough With Lew show!

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My friends this is not always going to be an easy journey but I can’t stress enough that you get one life, this is not a rehearsal for the next go round!  Live you life today like it matters because it does and it is the only one you get! 

With that all said make sure to watch the video, take action today, get some coaching and step up to the life you desire and deserve!

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 

Founder XLR8Life University and

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