Where Are You

The One Thing That Can Change It All!

Where are you?


 Where are you really?

Do you go through life kidding yourself about where you really are?

Do you say I have enough saving to live 6 months without working but forget that you have twice that in consumer debt?

Do you say your relationship is good but ya know it’s not the honeymoon anymore?

The truth is this, you can elude yourself to thinking you are good when in fact you are underwater and don’t even know it or you could be working like your next meal depends on it when you are totally successful!

Remember the old story of the UPS driver who passed away leaving millions to his family just because he invested consistently on a drivers salary. Have you ever seen someone who lives in the big house, has a new car every year and so on that dies and their kids have to pay off the debts?

What is the difference?  Being blatantly honest about where you really are!

You cannot and will not build a strong future when your foundation is not accurately accounted for!

It is when you ask yourself:

Where am I in…..?

Where am I really in …..?

Then you take that reality and begin to define where you want to be and then how you are going to get there.

For today really do the exercise of where are you really. This is not only finances but other areas of life such as relationships, health, fitness, education, spirituality, parenting, personal growth and the list goes on!

The great news is once you master this process it can be used in any of life and at any stage of life!

Pick an area and define specifically where you are and on the next show we will delve into finding out exactly where you want to go!

Until next time…

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live YOUR dream!

-Coach Lew

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