Doing The One Thing

The Secret To Doing The One Thing

Schedule it!!

Welcome back Friends it is Friday! Today is the day you learn the biggest secret to succeeding with “The One Thing”. Are you ready to breakthrough the previous stalled attempts or worse yet the attempts that never made it off the starting line?

All the vision, planning, creating and desire gets you nowhere unless you take the action!  Sometimes you do all that and still fall short of hitting your goal or outcome. It just seems so damn unfair! You planned, you created, you found your Y, you decided and even took some action, WTF! You still failed to get it, why?

I am going to reveal that to you in a minute!

Remember Monday we learned that there was a one thing that would be the primary driver to get you to your outcome.

Wednesday we learned that this one thing would be the piece that gives you 80% of the results for 20% of the effort!

The 80/20 rule! We discovered that pair of glasses that will help you see the 20 that gives you 80!

To use it is to not lose it! You cannot do the one thing one time and expect it to have a long lasting effect!

There are 5 things that will etch this in stone per se!

  1. Always keep in the front of your mind your Y
  2. Make sure you truly have a plan that is specific
  3. Measure and get back on track even if you fall behind get right back on
  4. Celebrate your wins
  5. The secret above all else? Make this thing a daily habit and schedule it like your life depends on it. If you had to take a medication very day at noon or you would die…you would just do it. Not when you feel like it but when you must! The key is schedule this one thing as a must! Scheduling it is the true secret to success!

I have heard it so eloquently put:

Think it, it is a dream

Write it down, it becomes real

Plan it, it becomes possible

Schedule it and it is real!!

Do it and it becomes yours!

Use your calendar or your planner to be your home base to create and then most importantly schedule your one thing, that by the way will have multiple moving parts!

I recommend Key2Success planner coupled with using Google calendar or the like as this combines the best of both worlds of digital and paper like planning. There is something to be said for being able to write, type and sketch your dreams, ideas, plans and schedule all together!

Please use my links when ordering Key2Sucess planner as I am first off a dedicated user of Branden’s planner and also later became an affiliate because it really fits in with our style of planning and coaching! By using my links I do receive a small commission when you get your planner which helps to support Breakthrough With Coach Lew!

Questions or need coaching please feel free to reach out to me or check out Coach Lew Inner Circle (CLIC)

My friends this is not always going to be an easy journey but I can’t stress enough that you get one life, this is not a rehearsal for the next go round!  Live you life today like it matters because it does and it is the only one you get! 

With that all said make sure to watch the video, take action today, get some coaching and step up to the life you desire and deserve!

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 

Founder XLR8Life University and

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