Who Has More

Who has more time?

What if I told you you……?

Welcome back my friends!

Who has more time?


Sometimes it seems like everyone has more time than you do!


Have you ever felt how does he or she do it with all they have going on?


Today we are going to discover the truth about who really has more time in a day!


I know I said before that time is the one thing that is equal for everyone and yet it really feels so untrue at times, doesn’t it?

Some people just seem to have it all. Maybe they have a great supportive spouse, a very light work schedule and help all the way around.

Then there are others who can’t seem to catch a break, they are single parents with no support system and just seem to have the cards stacked against them yet they pull it off with prose while the person who “seems” to have it all is always in a hurry and stressed out!

Seriously this happens…a lot!

The difference is time management, planning and perception!


The real question is who has more time for what is truly important. This is the real win.

Someone may have time on their hands and waste it away while another has a very tight schedule and lots to do and they operate like a well-oiled machine!


Truly important is the key!

Busy does not necessarily equal productive

Busy does not equal fulfilled


The real win we are after is productive and fulfilled.


Have you ever done a task and accomplished it only to find that you were not fulfilled or you can finally enjoy it when you are finished?


In the example of Lexi’s birthday party, I was so busy making sure everything went as planned that it would be over by the time I was ready to enjoy it!


Would you like to be one of the people who can accomplish massive amounts, enjoy the process and still feel like you have time for what is truly important to you?

Here is the 4 “p’s” of time!

4 P’s of time


  1. Perception (Your view)
  2. Planning (MAP)
  3. Precision (execute on MAP schedule)
  4. Productive  (Measure)

All this month we are going to deep dive into this thing called time. There are ways to that I will teach you to master the boulder of time!

Once you understand how you perceive time AND set up systems to manage and prioritize your time you will then understand how to be fulfilled even when you schedule is FILLED!

Stay with me on this journey as this could change everything for YOU!


Don’t forget to claim your free seat in our monthly CLIC (Coach Lew Inner Circle) meeting this month as my gift to you! Guess what we will be discussing this month?  Time of course!

My friends this is not always going to be an easy journey but I can’t stress enough that you get one life, this is not a rehearsal for the next go round!  Live you life today like it matters because it does and it is the only one you get! 

With that all said make sure to watch the video, take action today, get some coaching and step up to the life you desire and deserve!

Live with faith, energy, passion and always live your dreams!

-Coach Lew 

Founder XLR8Life University and CoachLew.com

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