R U Doing?

R U Doing? R U Doing What You Learned? This is key to success at anything!Just three steps:1) Learn what you need to know2) Apply and take action 3) Learn from your action and grow! Then you can adjust by the outcomes and create the wisdom of success!This formula works in all aspects of life! Wisdom could …

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H1 Living It

Breakthrough With Lew H1 Living It! When does something work? When you make it habit and live it! You made it through the past few weeks!  So how have you changed?  What changes do you make? How do you feel? Todays show was all about integrating what you have been learning so that you can …

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Quit Your Bitching! Quitcherbichen! Are you frankly tired of hearing everyone griping and complaining about everything? Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe people around you are tired of you complaining all the time? Ouch! Coach that stings a bit! We all do it from time to time, we are human BUT do you …

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